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“The $40 Bed Project”- still growing!

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The $40 Bed Project

Paco & Stan unload first bed.

Beds bring health.

. . . Good Christmas Gift –  more than 1,100 children in our one village must sleep on a cold, damp dirt floor? The same in the other two villages we serve.

Not having a bed to sleep in, even a simple wooden bed, is not only uncomfortable, it causes many respiratory problems and sicknesses.

We started “The $40 Bed Project” with the goal of providing at least 300 beds before the end of 2009. We are not sure where all the funds will come from, but the Lord knows and He will provide. So far, we have a few teams coming to do the work and we will work with local people to teach them how to help us make these beds.  Because each family must contribute 13 hours of work, they wiill use those donated hours to help make beds for other poor families. (More photos and story here.)

All we are lacking is the funds. If you, your Youth Group, Church or any other friends would like to help, simply click on the Donate tab and you can donate online.

More details and photos are here*UPdate: As of November 30, 2009 we have made 157 beds!


Interested in helping us in Guatemala?

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If you’d like to come with a group to help, click on “Mission Teams” and send us an email.

We will work with you to help arrange everything.  Email:

Need: $46,000 for a community center

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We only need $36,000 more for a  Special Project we hope to start on  Spring of 2010 – A much-needed Community Center.

We need to buy land ($26,000) and build a building ($20,000) and we project that this will cost a total of $49,000 with fees.

We don’t yet have all the funds, but we already made two payments on the land (final payment of $4k due November 2011).

We are prayerfully expecting to start construction soon!

This multi-use building will serve two villages and will be used for:

.. Boys & Girls Scouts

.. Community Meetings

.. Church services and meetings for several churches

.. General community meetings

.. Day care so that mothers don’t have to take little children out in the fields all day while they work

Immediate Financial Needs

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Financial help is needed to care for several patients and other non-ordinary expenses.

The following are needs that are over and above our regular operating expenses and Hands of Hope really needs donations for these special needs.

It’s fast and easy to donate online via our Donate page link. Credit cards and PayPal are accepted. Tax receipts are provided in the USA and Canada.

Hands of Hope survives on the financial support of many people, and we thank you very much.

Here are the current needs and projects for which we need to raise funds. The cost of running the clinic is $5,000 a month, including paying local staff, medicines, exams, hospital operations, food, and some small special projects to help families. (living costs for directors in Guatemala is not included)

Our Number #1 priority is raising the $5,000 per month to meet the basic clinic expenses, so that we can keep the clinic up and running. These needs are in addition.

If you’d like to make a financial donation, click on the Donate link <here or at the top of the home page menu bar.

* Payment due on the land Hands of Hope is buying  $3, 800
> We got a very good price, but we need to raise $8,000 more, in total. For now, we are in need of $3,800.

* Luis with crushed foot. $110 needed to pay for the steel pins he needs for the operation. His extended family is raising $11 and one unit of blood; Hands of Hope will contribute $110 and Karen will donate one unit of blood – or otherwise he can’t have the surgery and he won’t ever walk again.

* Gloria & Irma’s Family – (Need: $20/mo) Provide some food each month We know that providing $20 per month in food would really help this very poor family, and provide a good Christian example. Update: A family donated $30 towards the food needs, so for this month we will be able to help them.

* Vilma’s, age 9, Cancer Treatment (Need: $200) Pay for transportation for cancer treatment and father’s lost earnings when going to hospital Vilma is 9 years old and has Hodgkin’s Disease. She had radiation treatments last year and we thought that she was going to be ok. But now she must have another set of treatments, or she will die. The treatments are in the city by way of a long bus ride and she and a parent must stay two days a week, for eight weeks. The family does not have money for the bus fares and expenses and are basically faced with letting the daughter die because they can’t afford to take her to the city. With tears in his eyes, the father said he wants to try to save his daughter’s life and see her live, but he said he just can’t afford it.

* Marta Lydia’s Family – 9 children in two rooms; alcholic husband (Need: $120 + $25 a month) To install a water tube, pay seven months of water bills ($2.88/mo) and fix her leaky worn roof. Update: We were happy to receive notice that a family will donate the $120. So part of the need is met and we’ll be able to fix the roof and get water turned on. If you’d like to contribute to the food needs of the family, use the DONATE tab at the top of the web page. NEED MET thanks to Contolini Family.

* Amalia’s schooling ($185/mo) We’ve supported her for several years and now she’s in her last year of schooling to become a teacher. She’s such a hard worker and does well at school, even though her mother is pestering her to quit and find field work to help the family. Amalia works every weekend making decorated bead belts to sell, so she can give her month some money to be allowed to go to school.

* Pickup Truck (Need: $7,000) We need to upgrade our 10-year old pickup truck, by buying a used truck.

* Berta – 6 kids, drunk and absent husband, shack with no roof. ($100) NEED MET thanks to Contolini family.
We’d like to get  materials, even used metal sheets for her to have a roof.